CSE 2010 Algorithms and Data Structures

CSE 2010 Algorithms and Data Structures, Fall 2017

Philip Chan
322 Harris, 674-7280
Office Hours: TR 11am-1pm (or by appointment)
Course WWW Page: http://www.cs.fit.edu/~pkc/classes/ds/

Teaching Assistant:
Taher Patanwal, tpatanwala2016@my.fit.edu, MW, 11am-12pm, Crawford 500

This course introduces data structures and algorithms, which are the "backbones" of programs. You can think of programs = data structures + algorithms. Data structures organize the information in such a way that algorithms can efficiently manipulate the information. We will discuss how to analyze the efficiency of algorithms. Data structures and algorithms are generally independent of programming languages. Since CSE 1001 and 1002 use Java, we will use Java.




Important Dates (Assignment due dates might be adjusted due to circumstances)

Last day to drop Sep 1 (Fri)
HW 1 Sep 6 (Wed)
HW 2 Sep 20 (Wed)
Test 1 Sep 27 (Wed) [tentatively]
HW 3 Oct 4 (Wed)
HW 4 Oct 18 (Wed)
Last day to withdraw Oct 27 (Fri)
Test 2 Oct 25 (Wed) [tentatively]
HW 5 Nov 1 (Wed)
HW 6 Nov 15 (Wed)
Term Project Dec 6 (Wed)
Final exam Dec 11 (Mon), 6-8pm