Florida Tech Creative Alice Competition

Making a submission

All solutions are to be submitted using the form below. You must first register with the system by providing your full name and email address. The system will email you a "control code", which you will then use to make your submission. The control code is how we know that the submission is yours.

Submission Status

You can view a list of all submissions for each category at the links below. Please check to ensure that your submissions has been received successfully.

Submit Server Response

Unable to make a connection to the submit server.
java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out
The network connection may be slow, the server might be hung, ...

Submit your Alice World

Please select your division, then the category you wish to compete in. Enter your control code(or register for one on the right if you don't already have one). Lastly select your alice world file to upload, then click submit.
Note: World files must be 20MiB or less

Register for New Control Code

To register with the submit server, enter your name and email address below. A Control Code will be emailed to the address given.