Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy
General Information and Requirements


This time table is a guide for completion of the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. The milestones should be met by full-time students who enter the Ph.D. program with an Master's of Science degree in Computer Science and are required to earn 18 credits of formal course work. Part-time students and students who are required to earn more than 18 credits of formal course work will need to adjust these milestones.

Semester Milestones
0 Assign initial Academic Advisor [Graduate Admissions Committee]
1 Confirm initial Academic Advisor [student selection if necessary]
2 Establish Breadth Examination Committee [obtain approved reading list and study guide]
3 Pass Breadth Exam [tenth or eleventh week of semester]
4 Finalize a PhD Major Advisor and establish Doctoral Committee
5 Pass Depth Exam
6 Pass Dissertation Proposal and be admitted into candidacy
10 Pass Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Proposal

After passing the comprehensive examination a student is required to submit a dissertation proposal to their Doctoral Committee for approval. The student will be admitted to candidacy once dissertation proposal has been approved. Admission to candidacy indicates that a doctoral student has completed all course work, has passed a comprehensive examination, and proposed a plan for original research. Section 2.5 of the Florida Tech Graduate Policy Manual provides additional information on admission to candidacy. Policy concerning the dissertation proposal are described in section 2.6.4 of the Graduate Policy Manual.

Dissertation Defense

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Computer Science, students are required to defend a dissertation on original research in computing. Policies concerning the dissertation defense are described in section 2.6.4 of the Florida Tech Graduate Policy Manual.