Team Bounce



  • Everyone present
  • Compiled node.js from group repository
  • Standardized group to use Ubuntu 14.01


*everyone present
*confirmed everybody has the project compiled
*discussed the fact that node.js runs from the terminal in linux NOT from a discrete executable file
*discovered a good tutorial:


*Shared list of pre existing issues of interest.
*practiced in how to use Node.js.
*Kenneth Shafer worked in the power Point.
*took a screenshot of error progress.
*practiced to demonstrate the error.
*Kenneth Shafer , Majed Alkhateri and Saleh Alshammari attended.
*started at 7 pm till 11 pm .


Mark Deprecated functions with a deprecated flag

Memory is never released after https.get

Calling `write()` after calling `end()` not raising an

readline "keypress" does not handle special characters and numbers

Incoherent behavior with `process.stdout`

StringWrite assertion failed


Allocated work distrubtion and reviewed current progress and established meeting schedule.


"calling write"
Incoherent behavior with std.out


Memory leak


Deprecated flags
String write assertion


Keypress not handle special characters

*oct. 14 - bug demonstration
*oct. 16 - bud finding/ dependency graphing

initiative ideas: js server for presentation, IM app

As of Oct 16
Ticket 8234 (Mark Deprecated functions with a deprecated flag) and Ticket 8218 (StringWrite assertion failed) were dropped. The first due to the specified bug fix involving sweeping alterations that would be better served by rewriting the program in its entirety, and the second due to inability to reproduce the error.

These have been replaced with
Ticket #8520: url.parse misinterprets hostname

Ticket #7945: Case where require fails when two different versions of a module are in the tree

Met November 11, 13

checked status of bugs.

Weekend meeting* nov 16.

determined bugs left

Class meeting nov 21
  • detail the mem leak
  • parsing bug 80% done *

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.50.04 PM.png (267 KB) Saleh Alshammari, 09/17/2014 11:11 PM