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Results of CSE Senior Cup

12:04 PM on May 5, 2020

Since the online Senior Showcase/Showroom does not have recognition for each category, we decided to have "CSE Senior Cup" to recognize the top projects in CSE. Any senior project with a CSE student was invited to submit to the Cup with a poster, e-book page and a video.

After almost a week of judging, the 7 judges submitted their feedback. About half of the judges are from academia and the other half from industry. One judge is a part-time faculty member and was in the industry for a long time so he's half and half.

Each of the top three projects has at least two judges evaluating as #1. Also, all the #1 rankings go the top 3 projects. Here are the results:

The third place goes to:

Autonomous Multi-Cycle Farming in Space

(Chris Millsap, Giamperio Corsbie)

The second place goes to:

RED-Delivery System

(Andrea Swanson, with support from ECE students Marley Scott and Miguel Colmeares)

And the first place of CSE Senior Cup 2020 goes to:

Course Planner

(Xu Zhen, Ahsi Lo, Brandon Sawyer, Thomas Winderweedle)

Congratulations to the top 3 projects and thanks to the projects that submitted to the CSE Senior Cup (which is the first and maybe the last due to the special circumstances).

If you are graduating this weekend, congratulations and best of luck. And for all of you, have a good and healthy summer.