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New Ph.D. Program in Human-Centered Design in Life Critical Systems Under Review

9:54 AM on January 24, 2011

The Florida Institute of Technology is in the process of reviewing a program on Human-Centered Design (HCD) in Life Critical Systems which would offer three different degrees in aerospace engineering, computer science and operations research. Computer Science PhD students are encouraged to consider a concentration in HCD pending its approval. The program is in the process of being developed within Florida Tech, it also includes broader networks that will associate academia, industry and our evolving social world. Strong links are developed and consolidated with other centers to enable students to be aware of the state of the art.

If the program becomes approved, students will be enrolled based on their demonstrated talent and interest and will benefit from a unique environment that includes multidisciplinary education, simulation facilities, real-world experience and access to champions. They will be encouraged to create and build concrete systems and publish in the best conferences and journals.

Main research areas are:

Cognitive Engineering: human-centered automation, scenario-based design, cognitive modeling, cognitive function analysis, risk taking and management, situational awareness, decision-making, integration and use cases.

Advanced Interaction Media: input techniques, tangible and haptic interaction, multimodal interaction, ubiquitous computing and information flows, surface computing, information visualization, use experience and usability engineering, ethnographical design, computer-supported cooperative work.

Complexity Analysis in Human-Centered Design: complexity theories, systems of systems, adaptive systems, human-centered requirement engineering, socio-cognitive stability, resilience, accident investigation and analysis, traceability, design for simplicity, product maturity and maturity of practice.

Life-Critical Systems: research across domains such as aerospace, nuclear, medicine, ground transportation and eco-systems, design for safety, design for efficiency, design for comfort.

Human-Centered Organization Design and Management: knowledge management, resilience engineering, certification, product integration, complexity management, organizational automation, computer-supported meeting environments.

Modeling and Simulation: computer-aided design, life-cycled product management, discrete-event simulations, multi-agent simulations, mathematical models for simulation, human-in-the-loop simulations.

For more information please contact:

Dr. W. Shoaff, Prof and Head

Department of Computer Sciences

Florida Institute of Technology

Phone: 321 674 8066

E-mail: wds@cs.fit.edu

Dr. G. Boy

University Professor

Florida Institute of Technology

Melbourne, Fl 32901 Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: 321 674 7631

E-mail: gboy@fit.edu