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Fall 2012: New Course: Cryptography and Information Hiding

9:42 AM on August 13, 2012

A new advanced class: CSE5800-E14 "Cryptography and Information Hiding" is open (it is co-listed with CYB 5678)

The class is an advanced class about hiding messages and watermarks in media (bmp/gif/jpeg/mpeg images, sound, text).

It is more applied than the Cryptology class. Besides the technologies mentioned above, it overviews some basic cryptography (a different subset of techniques but approx in the same amount covered by recent Network Programming classes).

Undergraduate students are allowed to register.

Syllabus for "Cryptography and Information Hiding"
CRN 97556 / 97120,
CSE 5800-E14 / CYB 5678-E1: