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Fall 2012: Graduate Courses in Human Centered Design

10:13 AM on August 15, 2012

There are 3 courses being offered this fall in Human Centered Design for Graduate students:

HCD6820/CSE5800 Advanced Interaction Media - provides advanced interaction media concepts, methods, and tools that support human-centered design of life-critical systems.
Learn more: http://research.fit.edu/hcdi/research/aim.php

HCD6850/SWE5900 Organization Design and Management - the history and current thinking on job and organization design.
Learn more: http://research.fit.edu/hcdi/research/odm.php

HCD6860/CSE5800 Modeling and Simulation - covering contemporary methods and tools for modeling and simulation.
Learn more: http://research.fit.edu/hcdi/research/m_and_s.php