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Fall 2012: CSE4510/5400: Social Network Analysis

3:48 PM on August 16, 2012

This course is available for undergraduate and graduate students.

The numbers are:

Social Network Analysis - 97030 - CSE 5400 - 01 (graduate level)

Social Network Analysis - 94353 - CSE 4510 - 10 (undergraduate level)

The course is very hands-on. Students will be required to work with a Social Network Dataset.
The coursework consists of: analysis assignments on specific social networks, presentations in class of your results,
research paper critiques.

The course is a good opportunity to students to gain some experience on research and writing about research.

Some of the topics we plan to cover include:

- Dealing with Social Network Data and Notations
- Introduction to Graphs and their Representations
- Centrality and Prestige
- Clustering and Transitivity
- Identification of Cohesive Subgroups
- Affiliation Networks
- Roles and Positions
- Dyadic and Triadic Methods

Hope some more of you join. If you have questions come and talk to me on 209 (Harris Building)

Ronaldo Menezes