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Programming Contest Results

2:46 PM on November 25, 2014

At the ACM ICPC Southeast USA regional programming competition on November 15th, the Florida Tech team programming team "See Alice®" solved a problem in the last minutes of the competition to overtake another Florida Tech team “Projectile Dysfunction” resulting in a 7th and 8th place finish in the field of 111 teams. This effort, the culmination of long hours of practice, placed Florida Tech third overall in the division-one schools behind perineal powerhouses UCF and Georgia Tech and ahead of schools like University of Georgia, Clemson, and interstate rivals the University of Miami.

The team members of "See Alice®" are Florida Tech students Ikechukwu Asomugha, Roger Ballard, and Constantine Lopez. The team members of “Projectile Dysfunction” are Joshua Lear, Nika Nadiradze, and William Nichols. Also competing were Jacob Bowers, Jacob Stanton, and Mike Tishman on team “Team Haskell”.

A large number of Florida Tech students and staff help host the competition held on the Florida Tech campus. Keith Johnson, the department Systems Administrator, is the competition’s Chief of Operations who runs the contest system (he is also a developer of the contest management system), the creator of the Ubuntu-based contest environment used at all the sites, and setups and tears down the network and computers used in the Hartley room. The volunteer coordinator, Patricia Terol Tolsa, manages the floor of the competition. The local chapter of the ACM provided many volunteers who helped at registration, ran print outs and balloons to the contestants, and so on.