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SER2016 Results

1:47 PM on November 8, 2016

The ACM ICPC Southeast USA regional programming competition was held Saturday. Nearly 40 schools and 117 teams of three competed to represent the region at the world finals.
Representing Florida Tech this year were two teams:
Roger Ballard, Nikka Nadiradze, and Emily Hazen
André Leone, Ryan Hartman, and Calvin Winget
It was an exciting competition in both Division I and Division II with many problems solved. In a close finish Florida Tech was edged out by University of Central Florida, Georgia Tech, and University of Florida in Division I. Florida Tech came in fourth, a few tie-breaking points behind third place University of Florida. Florida Tech has consistently placed in the top five schools in the Southeast USA Region for the past twenty years. Competition is keen with teams competing from University of Miami, Florida State, Auburn, University of Georgia, Clemson and so on.
The ACM ICPC problem solving contest is extremely competitive and the Florida Tech teams did extremely well, I would say their accomplishment this year is more impressive than any of the five teams that represented Florida Tech at the world finals in the past.
Behind the scenes many people worked extremely hard. First, there is Keith Johnson who creates the contest environment, manages the contest, and builds an entire computer lab in the Hartley room. Second there is Keven Crowley who manages the student volunteers. Without them and the local chapter of the ACM, the contest is impossible.
More info eventually at ser.cs.fit.edu/ser2016