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Community Lecture -- A Closer Look at Computing: The Million-Dollar Algorithms

12:56 PM on March 9, 2017

A Closer Look at Computing: The Million-Dollar Algorithms

(free and open to the public; high school students/parents/teachers/administrators are particularly welcome)

Philip Chan and Ryan Stansifer (Florida Tech)
March 24, Friday, 7-8pm, Auditorium (Room 130), Olin Life Sciences, Florida Tech

Speakers from the School of Computing at Florida Tech will discuss the impact that computational advances have on society. These computational ideas have launched industries, promoted social stability, and earned Nobel Prizes. We will discuss the stable marriage and web page ranking problems. Algorithms for both problems not only have continuing impact on society, they also have earned fame and fortune. Furthermore, we will discuss a third problem of great significance, for which a million-dollar prize awaits the person who creates a practical algorithm.

More details are at http://cs.fit.edu/~pkc/cs4hs/million/