CIS5400 - Information Theory and Data Compresion

Schedule: Spring 2006, Thursdays, 5:15-7:45 PM, Science Tower 5th floor.

Topic: This course covers fundamentals of information theory as developed by Shannon and Kolmogorov. Topics include lossless data compression methods such as LZ77, LZW, Burrows-Wheeler and PPM, and lossy methods such as MP3, JPEG, and MPEG. Programming skills will be necessary.

Instructor: Matt Mahoney, or

Textbook: Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, David J. C. MacKay,

Mailing list: There will be a class email list. Details TBA.

Grading policy: 50% homework and 50% exams. For homework there is a late penalty of 20% per day including non-class days, weekends and holidays.

There will be 4 exams including the final. Your lowest grade is dropped. The other 3 exams are weighted equally. There are no makeup exams for any reason. Exams will usually be given in the first hour of class before break so that we can go over them afterwards.