CSE2502 - Advanced Software Development with C++

Schedule: TBA (cancelled for Fall 2005).

Topic: This course teaches advanced skills in C++ programming and documentation. Before taking this class you should already know how to program in C++, have some knowledge of data structures (arrays, lists, trees, hash tables, etc.), the basic concepts of object-oriented programming (classes, inheritance) and have access to a compiler (any operating system). I recommend GNU g++.

Instructor: Matt Mahoney, mmahoney@cs.fit.edu or matmahoney@yahoo.com

Textbook: Required: C++ Gotchas, Stephen C. Dewhurst. Recommended: Another book on C++, such as your textbook from a previous class.

Mailing list: There will be a class email list. Details TBA.

Grading policy: 50% homework and 50% exams. Programming assignments will be submitted by email only. Submit only source code (no executables) preferably as ONE file. There is a late penalty of 20% per day including non-class days, weekends and holidays.

There will be 4 exams including the final. Your lowest grade is dropped. The other 3 exams are weighted equally. There are no makeup exams for any reason. Exams are open book and open notes.