CSE-3103/CSE-5232 Syllabus
Network Programming

Florida Tech, Spring 2000 - Jan. 10 to Apr. 28


Tues. and Thurs., 8:00-9:15 PM, room EC137. Final exam: Tues. May 2, 8:30-10:30 PM.

Course description

CSE 3103 - Computer Communication Networks
CSE 5232 - Network Programming Prerequisites: C++ and Java programming, familiar with UNIX/Linux.


Matt Mahoney, mmahoney@cs.fit.edu or if that doesn't work, then matmahoney@yahoo.com Office hours are immediately after class, or try sending an instant message to matmahoney using Yahoo! Messenger.

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If you do not know C++ or Java, I recommend



Grading will be based 50% on homework and 50% on tests.

Homework: Homework handed in late is penalized 20% per day, including non class days, weekends, and holidays. Homework should be posted to your web page. Not all homework will be graded or collected, but you are still responsible for knowing the material.

Programming assignments may be written in your choice of language (C, C++, Java, Perl, etc). Grading will emphasize good style, readability, and documentation, especially the analysis or user's guide, which describes what the program does from a novice user's point of view.

Tests: All exams including the final exam will count equally toward your grade after dropping the lowest grade. There will be no make-up exams for any reason. All tests are open book and open notes. Test dates (tentative):

Term Project

All students will be expected to write a program that acts as either a server or a client, and communicates using an established protocol (HTTP, SMTP, DNS, telnet, FTP, etc.). Examples include, but are not limited to: Post to your web page:

Graduate students (CSE 5232) only: write a paper (about 5000 words) in HTML and post to your web page. Identify some problem related to networks or the Internet, and investigate what methods are currently used to solve the problem. Your program should be related to your chosen topic. Perhaps you can propose a better solution. Present your paper to the class in a 15-30 minute presentation during the last two weeks of classes (Apr. 18-27). For example:

You may wish to post prelimary drafts of your paper as soon as possible so I can review them and make recommendatations before the paper is due. Email me when you have updated your draft.