CSE4232/5232 Homework, part 2

1. Mar. 14, 2006

Homework 1 is due today, and will be graded according to the percentage finished. Late homework is penalized 20% per day.

Progress reports on the term project are also due today. Please email to me at mmahoney@cs.fit.edu what progress you have made since the first progress report last month. Term projects will not be graded until they are collected on Apr. 20. Projects should be posted to your web page.

2. Mar 28, 2006

Write an echo server. The server should accept connections and echo any data received back to the client. It should wait for the client to close the connection. Use a separate thread to handle each client. Your program should accept a port number on the command line (1024 or higher if you are using UNIX/Linux unless you're root).

Run your server on one computer and test it using telnet as a client on another. Post your source code to your web page and describe the results of your test (including which machines you used). Don't forget to kill your server before logging out.

3. Apr 6, 2006

Write an echo client and test it using your echo server. Your client should read a line of input (either through a GUI, Applet, or from the command line) and send it to the server. Then it should print the response (either to standard output or to a GUI window). Your client should provide a means to close the connection to the server. Be sure to handle the case where the server doesn't respond.

In addition to posting your source code and the results of your tests, write a user's guide, providing enough information so that a naive user could use your client program.

Term Paper, Apr. 20 (graduate students only)

Your term paper is due Apr. 20. This should be at least 4-6 pages. It should have at least 6 references if you are doing a survey paper, or at least 3 references if you are doing original work. For instance, if you are doing a paper on data compression (or routing algorithms, or encryption, or whatever), you should describe several methods (at least 6), or if you are writing a program and/or proposing improved methods, you should compare your results with at least three other published methods.

Post your paper to your web page prefereably in HTML or plain text, or if you must, PDF or PostScript. I recommend that you post early draft versions for me to comment on.

Prepare 2-4 slides for your 15-30 minute class presentation between Apr 18-27. These should go on your web page so that you can bring them up on a browser and display them in class.

Grading policy

Your grade is based on 50% homework and 50% exams. You have a total of 4 exams (including the final), which count equally. The lowest exam grade will be dropped. There are no make-up exams.

Homework grades (50%) will be divided as follows.

Undergraduate, CSE4232

Graduate, CSE5232