Test links

google, lower case, no trailing slash
upper case
not quoted
trailing slash, not quoted
port number
no http:// (broken)
no www
no www or trailing slash
 spaces in URL 
line breaks in URL
miscellaneous fields

broken link
broken IP address
broken IP address with trailing slash
broken IP address/index.html
my.fit.edu - forwarded to http://www.it.fit.edu/tracks/
link to anchor
IP address
IP address and port
decimal IP address and port
with user name (not google)
evans (connection refused)
connection refused on port 8000
bad port number
bad IP address

https (paypal)
https with redirection (paypal)
https port 80 (paypal error)
https port 80 (paypal/ OK)
https port 443 (paypal OK)
https port 12345 (paypal error)
https, requires login

mailto (you may ignore)
telnet (you may ignore)
news (you may ignore)
file (you may ignore)
gopher (you may ignore)