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Semantic models

abstract, art, artist, artist's, canvas, curator, decorative, drawings, exhibit, exhibition, exhibitions, gallery, galleries, Gogh, Henri, museum, meseum's museums, painted, painter, painters, painting, paintaings, photographs, Picasso, poems, Pollock, Pons, portraits, retrospective, Revere, sketches.

appeal, appeals, appellate, argued, arguments, attorney's, circuit, confessed, count, courts, criminal, decide, decision, indict, indictments, judge, judge's, judges, leniency, misdemeanor, office's, prosecuted, prosecution, prosecutions, overturned, prosecutor, prosecutorial, prosecutors, ruled, ruling, rulings, witness.

(Word clusters extracted by latent semantic analysis (LSA) of 17,500 newspaper articles by Bellegarda et. al. 1996)

Semantics is an equivalence relation on word proximity

Neural network model of LSA