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Learning Word Boundaries

Goal: Establish the learnability of natural language.

Can natural language be learned just from examples?

Find the word boundaries without knowing English vocabulary in...

alicewasbeginningtogetverytiredofsittingbyhersisteronthebankandofhavingnothing todoonceortwiceshehadpeepedintothebookhersisterwasreadingbutithadnopicturesorc onversationsinitandwhatistheuseofabookthoughtalicewithoutpicturesorconversatio

Boundary entropy

Is there a boundary between suit and case in suitcase?

H(c|suit) + H(t|case) > 4.2 bpc? (n = 5)

Boundary detection in Alice in Wonderland

n Threshold (bpc) Recall/ Precision
2 7.5 0.41
3 6.9 0.63
4 5.7 0.75
5 4.2 0.77

See also A Note on Lexical Acquisition in Text without Spaces (unpublished).