NASA Shuttle Valve Anomaly Detection Project

See Technical report CS-2005-08 (and -04 for an earlier version) describing our work on the NASA Marotta valve data.


All code below is open source GPL. See source code comments for usage. Some of our later experiments were done with non-public code.

tsad4.cpp time series anomaly detector using piecewise linear model, Ver. 5 updated May 1, 2004.

lgraph.cpp program for drawing graphs from columns of up to 4 numbers, outputs a BMP file (lgraph.bmp).

xygraph.cpp program for drawing line graphs in 2 or 3 dimensions from tables of (x,y) or (x,y,z), outputs a BMP file (xygraph.bmp).

boxgraph.cpp draws 3D box models. Input is 4 or 6 columns of numbers: x,rx,y,ry,z,rz for boxes centered at x,y,z with radii rx,ry,rz. Output is boxgraph.bmp.

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