Meeting Scheduling with privacy

Website developed with contributions from students:
Vaibhav Rajeshirke, Josiane Nzouonta
Coordinator: Marius C. Silaghi
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne

Our system is designed to maximize your privacy!

This service was interrupted between Spring 2006 and February 2007 due to changes in the OS of the server, also due to a firewall that was not announced, and to our lack of time to deal with all these changes. To our knowledge the server is up and running at the current time.

This website gives you the possibility (and priviledge) to cooperate with your partners for establishing a meeting.

This technique does not give away any information about your input to anybody. The applet you download will send out only quasi-random numbers. It will nevertheless succeed to set up a meeting whenever this is possible. However, do not cooperate with a majority of colluders!

To start, create a new session and input the public keys and names of your partners. Then go to the applet page, input confidently your private parameters, and click start. It may take a while, but not too long. A tutorial is found at Tutorial.

Use this link to verify that the webserver Hub is running. Restart it if needed.