CSE 5693 Machine Learning

Philip Chan
322 Harris Center, 674-7280

Office Hours: MW 1-3pm (or by appointment)
Course WWW Page: http://www.cs.fit.edu/~pkc/classes/ml/

The key to intelligence is the ability to learn. Studies in the field of machine learning attempt to endow computers with this intrinsic capability that exists in all higher-order organisms to one degree or another. Learning can be loosely defined as a process that improves performance of an agent by acquiring knowledge through interactions with a changing environment.

Areas using machine learning techniques vary from automated knowledge acquisition in expert systems to adaptation in robotic control, from data mining in databases to intelligent information retrieval. In the internet age, machine learning algorithms have been used in areas such as search engines (google), spam detection (yahoo mail), and product recommendation (netflix).

We will discuss various machine learning algorithms. Written and programming assignments culminate in a mini-research project for the term.


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