CSE 4403-01/5401-01 Independent Study: Exploring Autonomous Mobile Robots
1-3 credits; CRN: 13577 (CSE 4403) and 13576 (CSE 5401)

First meeting Friday, Jan 14th, 4pm in 264 EC.

Independent study on building autonomous mobile robots. Three robot kits are available for students to explore. Students should be motivated and capable to work on their own and receive minimal guidance. Goals will be set for the three robot teams (at most 2 students per team--at most six students can register). Prior approval from Prof. Chan is needed before registration (max enrollment was set to zero in the registration system). Students are selected based on the following questionaire.

Questionaire (send to pkc@cs.fit.edu by Jan 10th, Monday)

  1. When did you take Data Structures and Algorithms (CSE 2010/5020/5100 or the equivalent elsewhere)?
  2. Given a weighted graph, name or describe an alogrithm that finds the shortest (least-weighted) path between two vertices [imagine a robot needs to travel quickly from one end of the room to the other without running into obstacles].
  3. Write a C/C++ function int sum(int *array, int size) that returns the sum of the int elements in array of length size, provide three different versions:
    1. iterative-index: using an index to the array elements
    2. iterative-pointer: using a pointer to the array elements
    3. recursive: using a recursive solution
  4. What are the differences and similarities between a resister and a transistor?
  5. Did you take Artificial Intelligence (CSE 4301/5290 or the equivalent elsewhere)?


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