Schedule for Advances in WWW

Paper Summary Guidelines:

At least a page submitted via email in plain ascii text or via hardcopy.

  1. What's the problem they were trying to solve? [problem]
  2. How did they try to solve it? [techniques]
  3. How did they measure success? [performance criteria]
  4. How did their techniques perform? [evaluation]
  5. Why are the techniques new? [comparison to related work]
  6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their techniques?
  7. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation?
  8. What are the main items you don't understand?

Date Paper
Jan 31 The Role of Intelligent Systems in the National Information Infrastructure, D. Weld, J. Marks & D. Bobrow, AI Mag., 6(3), p45-64, 1995
Adaptive Web Sites: Automatically Synthesizing Web Pages, M. Perkowitz & O. Etzioni, Proc. AAAI-98, p727-733, 1998
Feb 7 Syskill & Webert: Identifying interesting web sites, M. Pazzani, J. Muramatsu & D. Billsus, Proc. AAAI-96
A non-invasive learning approach to building web user profiles, P. Chan, KDD-99 Workshop on Web Usage Analysis and User Profiling, pp. 7-12, 1999.
Feb 14 Mining Navigation History for Recommendation Fu, X., Budzik, J., and Hammond, K. J., Proc. Intelligent User Interfaces 2000. ACM Press, 2000
Learning Users' Interests by Unobtrusively Observing Their Normal Behavior., J. Goecks & J. Shavlik, Proc. 2000 International Conference on Intelligent User Interface
Feb 21 The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual web search engine, S. Brin and L. Page, WWW7, 1998
Context and page anlysis for improved web seearch, S. Lawrence and C. L. Giles, IEEE Internet Computing, 1998
Feb 28 Intelligent Agents on the Internet: Fact, Fiction, and Forecast, O. Etzioni, IEEE Expert, 1995
A Softbot-Based Interface to the Internet, O. Etzioni and D. Weld, CACM, 1994
Due: Critical Survey Paper (> 1500 words)
Mar 6 Spring Break
Mar 13
A study in using neural networks for anomaly and misuse detection, A Ghosh & Aaron Schwartzbard, USENIX Security Symp., 1999.
Mar 20 Integrated Multimedia Publishing - Combining TV and Newspaper Content on Personal Channels, Sodergard et al, WWW8.
Improving Web Interaction on Small Displays, Jones a et al, WWW8.
Due: Research Proposal (> 2 pages)
Mar 27 Web Caching with Consistent Hashing , David Karger, Alex Sherman , Andy Berkheimer, Bill Bogstad, Rizwan Dhanidina Ken Iwamoto, Brian Kim, Luke Matkins, Yoav Yerushalmi, WWW8.
Towards a Better Understanding of Web Resources and Server Responses for Improved Caching , Craig E. Wills and Mikhail Mikhailov, WWW8.
Apr 3 Distributed Cooperative Web Servers, Scott M. Baker and Bongki Moon, WWW8.
Mirror, Mirror on the Web: A Study of Host Pairs with Replicated Content, Krishna Bharat and Andrei Broder, WWW8.
Apr 10 RaDaR: A Scalable Architecture for a Global Web Hosting Service , M. Rabinovich and A. Aggarwal, WWW8.
Web Content Adaptation to Improve Server Overload Behavior , , WWW8.
Due: Draft of the paper / Progress Report (> 1000 words)
Apr 17 The Gecko NFS Web Proxy , Scott Baker and John H. Hartman, WWW8.
Semantic Cache Mechanism for Heterogeneous Web Querying, Boris Chidlovskii, Claudia Roncancio and Marie-Luise Schneider, WWW8.
Apr 24 Key Differences Between HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 , Balachander Krishnamurthy, Jeffrey C. Mogul, David M. Kristol, WWW8.
Annotations for Streaming Video on the Web: System Design and Usage Studies , , WWW8.
May 1

Final Paper (> 3000 words)

Philip Chan,