Schedule for Advances in WWW

Paper Summary Guidelines:

At least a page submitted via email in plain ascii text or via hardcopy.

  1. What's the problem they were trying to solve? [problem]
  2. How did they try to solve it? [techniques]
  3. How did they measure success? [performance criteria]
  4. How did their techniques perform? [evaluation]
  5. Why are the techniques new? [comparison to related work]
  6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their techniques?
  7. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation?
  8. What are the main items you don't understand?

Date Paper Title Discussion Leader
Jan 13 The Role of Intelligent Systems in the National Information Infrastructure, D. Weld, J. Marks & D. Bobrow, AI Mag., 6(3), p45-64, 1995 Phil Chan
Jan 18 Adaptive Web Sites: Automatically Synthesizing Web Pages, M. Perkowitz & O. Etzioni, Proc. AAAI-98, p727-733, 1998 Phil Chan
Jan 21 Toward an Adaptive Personalized Web Phil Chan
Jan 25 KAoS: An Open Agent Architecture Supporting Reuse, Interoperability, and Extensibility J. Bradshaw, Tenth Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop, 1996 Mohammad Samarah
Jan 28 An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security, R. Reinhardt, 1993 Melvin Douglas
Feb 1 Web-based education for all: a tool for development adaptive courseware, P. Brusilovskya, J. Eklundb & E, Schwarzc, WWW7, 1998 Dustin Fay
Feb 4 Challenger: A Multiagent System for Distributed Resource Allocation, A. Chavez, A. Moukas, P. Maes, Agents 97 Phil Chan
Feb 8 Efficient Web Crawling through URL ordering, J. Cho, H. Garcia-Molina & L. Page, WWW7, 1998 Deepinder Singh
Feb 11 Towards an Active Network Architecture, D. Tennenhouse & D. Wetherall, Computer Communication Review, V26, N2, 1996 Mohammad Samarah
Feb 15 Secure Web tunneling, M. Abadi, A. Birrell, R. Stata & E. Wobber, WWW7, 1998
Due: Critical Survey Paper (> 1500 words)
Melvin Douglas
Feb 18 WebQuest: Substantiating Education in Edutainment through Interactive Learning Games, C. Perrone, D. Clark & A. Repenning, WWW5, 1996 Dustin Fay
Feb 22 Implementing Protection Domains in the Java Development Kit 1.2, L. Gong and R. Schemers, Internet Society Symposium on Network and Distributed System Security, pp 125-134, 1998.
Due: Preliminary Research Proposal (one page)
Deepinder Singh
Feb 25 Proposal discussion
Due: Proposal comments
Phil Chan
Mar 1 Proposal discussion
Due: Research Proposal (> 2 pages)
Phil Chan
Mar 4 Proposal discussion
Due: Proposal comments
Phil Chan
Mar 8 & 11 Spring Break
Mar 15 Communication concepts for mobile agent systems, B. Joachim, F. Hohl, N. Radouniklis, K. Rothermel, and M. Strber, Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Mobile Agents, Berlin, Germany, April 1997 Mohammad Samarah
Mar 18 Secure accounting and auditing on the Web, M. Naor and B. Pinkas, WWW7, 1998 Melvin Douglas
Mar 22 NetSTAT: A Network_based Intrusion Detection Approach, Vigna and R. Kemmerer, Annual Computer Security Applications Conf. (ACSAC), 1998 Deepinder Singh
Mar 25
Due: First draft of the paper (> 1000 words)
Phil Chan
Mar 29 Project discussion
Due: Paper Comments
Phil Chan
Apr 1 Efficient Load Balancing in Interconnected LANs Using Group Communication, Hui and Chanson, ICDCS, 1997 Dustin Fay
Apr 5 The Millicent Protocol for Inexpensive Electronic Commerce, S. Glassman, M. Manasse, M. Abadi, P. Gauthier, P. Sobalvarro & WWW4, 1995 Melvin Douglas
Apr 8 Architectures for agents that track other agents in multi-agent worlds Intelligent Agents, M. Tambe & P. Rosenbloom, Vol II Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI 1037), 1996 Mohammad Samarah
Apr 12 Detecting Intrusions Using System Calls: Alternative Data Models , C. Warrender, S. Forrest & B. Pearlmutter, 1999 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Deepinder Singh
Apr 15
Due: Second draft of the paper (> 2000 words)
Phil Chan
Apr 19 Project discussion
Due: Paper Comments
Phil Chan
Apr 21 Dynamic Resource Migration for Multiparty Real-time Communication, R. Bettati & A. Gupta, ICDCS, 1996 Dustin Fay
Apr 26 A data mining framework for building intrusion detection models, W. Lee, S. Stolfo & K. Mok, IEEE Symp. Security and Privacy, 1999 Deepinder Singh &
Melvin Douglas
Apr 28 Web Prefetching Between Low-Bandwidth Clients and Proxies: Potential and Performance, L. Fan, Q. Jacobson, P. Cao & W. Lin, SIGMETRICS'99 Mohammad Samarah &
Dustin Fay
May 6 Presentation (Melvin, Mohammad, Deepinder & Dustin)
Due: Final paper (> 3000 words)
Phil Chan
Data Mining Approaches for Intrusion Detection, W. Lee & S. Stolfo, Proc. 7th USENIX Security Symposium, 1998
First-Order Learning for Web Mining. M. Craven, S. Slattery and K. Nigam. Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML-97).
Information Extraction From HTML: Application of a General Learning Approach. D. Freitag. Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-98).
Combining Statistical and Relational Methods for Learning in Hypertext Domains. S. Slattery and M. Craven. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP-98).
Learning to Extract Symbolic Knowledge from the World Wide Web. M. Craven, D. DiPasquo, D. Freitag, A. McCallum, T. Mitchell, K. Nigam and S. Slattery. Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-98)
Learning and Revising User Profiles: The identification of interesting web sites, M. Pazzani and D. Billsus, Machine Learning, 27, p313-331, 1997
From User Access Patterns to Dynamic Hypertext Linking, T. Yan, M. Jacobsen, H. Garcia-Molina & U. Dayal, WWW5, 1996
Adaptive Web Sites: Automatically Learning from User Access Patterns, M. Perkowitz & O. Etzioni, WWW6, 1997
Using Path Profiles to Predict HTTP Requests, S. Schechter, M. Krishnan & M. Smith, WWW7, 1998
Intelligent Agents on the Internet (IEEE Expert, 8/95) &
A Softbot-Based Interface to the Internet (CACM, 7/94)
WebWatcher: A Tour Guide for the World Wide Web, T. Joachims, D. Freitag, and T. Mitchell, IJCAI-97 (Tech Report 96)
Syskill & Webert: Identifying interesting web sites (AAAI-96)
Dynamic Reference Sifting: A Case Study in the Homepage Domain, Shakes, Langheinrich, and Etzioni, WWW6, 1997
Automatic Resource Compilation by Analyzing Hyperlink Structure and Associated Text, Chakrabarti, Dom, Raghavan, Rajagopalan, Gibson and Kleinberg, WWW7, 1998
Automated Link Generation: Can we do Better Than Term Repetition?, Green, WWW7, 1998

Philip Chan,