Computer Science Seminar
Spring 98

Wednesday, 12-12:50pm, A221

Information for CSE 5199 students

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
Jan 7 Quest Software Development Kit: A New Platform for Knowledge Discovery in Databases Karl Seiler Inso Corporation
Jan 14 Integrating Database and Information Retrieval: A Parallel DBMS Approach Ophir Frieder Florida Tech
Jan 21 Towards Efficient and Portable Parallel Computing: Programming with the BSP Model Mark Goudreau Univ. of Central Florida
Jan 28 An Automated Assistant for User Support and Optimization of Databases Philip Bernhard Harris ISD
Feb 4 String Edits and Macromolecules Bill Shoaff Florida Tech
Feb 11 Information Technology at NASA: Accepting the Challenge of Excellence Ken Ford NASA Ames Research Center
Feb 18 Solving Systems of 2D Geometric Constraints Glen E. Gray Varimetrix
Feb 23
[Free Short-course] Beowulf: A Paradigm for Supercomputing Using Clustered PC's (12:30-5:30pm, APR) Phil Merkey
Donald Becker
Tarek El-Ghazawi
NASA Goddard
NASA Goddard
Florida Tech
Feb 25 State of the Computer Science Labs Henry Bragg
Scott Chase
Shawn Stewart
Florida Tech
Mar 4 Writing and Reading Software Systems in the Small and in the Large with WebBox Shereef Al-Maati Florida Tech
Mar 11 Spring Break
Mar 18 Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS) Bill Elliott Harris ISD
Mar 25 Building Complex Software Applications Mike Gilger Identitech
Apr 1 Casting a Web Over Legacy Data Brian Richardson Highlander Technologies
Apr 6
A Language Support Environment for Complex, Distributed, Real-Time Applications Alexander D. Stoyen New Jersey Inst. of Tech.
Apr 8 Scalable Shared-memory Multiprocessing and the Silicon Graphics S2MP Architecture Daniel Lenoski Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
Apr 15 Wavelet Transform and Imaging Lynne Grewe California State U, Monterey Bay
Apr 22 National Crime Information Center 2000 (NCIC 2000) Tom Freeberg Harris ISD
Apr 27
Online Multiprocessor Scheduling Steve Seiden Technische Universität Graz, Austria

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