Building Complex Software Applications

Mike Gilger, Identitech

When designing complex software products, maintainability and flexibility become two critical success factors that will ensure long term marketing viability of a product. As the product enters into a customer's business processes, the customer's requirements will change as the use of the product helps mature those processes. To address the requirement changes, the product must be modified by adding or changing features. This typically results in a difficult to maintain product or constant re-work of the code base to "patch-in" the modifications. This seminar presents some practical solutions to these issues.

About the speaker

Mike Gilger, VICE PRESIDENT OF TECHNOLOGY - Mike supervises development of the award-winning, commercially successful FYI product line; provides product evolution strategies; and works closely with all of Identitech's BAPs and direct customers to improve product design and customer satisfaction. At the beginning of his Identitech career, Mike designed and built the company's first product, the Instant Signature Verification System, a digitized storage system for instant signature display upon demand, using new database, remote access, and compression technologies on the DOS platform. That product, which Mike subsequently retooled for the Windows environment, laid the technical groundwork for all of Identitech's document management products. Prior to Identitech, Mike was a computer engineer with Intergroup Video Systems and owned a consulting business that designed and built computer systems for the University of Florida. Mike holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida, where he performed mechanical and digital design services for the university's low-temperature physics lab.

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