Quest Software Development Kit: A New Platform for Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Inso Florida's Vice President and General Manager, Karl Seiler, will present their newest product line Quest and explore cooperative development and research opportunities for Florida Tech and Inso.

Quest is a product line under development providing a component-based solution, combining search, data mining and ad hoc database query techniques to provide the most useful information in the smallest possible footprint for Internet based data warehousing and electronic commerce applications.

Inso Florida (formally LEVEL\5) was acquired by Inso from Information Builders in April of this year. LEVEL\5 is famous for its development of desktop expert system development tools, intelligent agent based ad hoc query governors, and innovation Yr2000 solutions.

Inso Corporation is a leading provider of multilingual software products that help people create, access, and distribute electronic information in environments ranging from computer desktops to the Internet. Inso?s products are designed to address the proofing, searching, and electronic publishing markets worldwide. The Company markets its products to original equipment manufacturers of computer hardware, software, and consumer electronics products, as well as to major corporations, government agencies, and end users.

About the Speaker

Mr. Seiler is the Vice President and General Manager of Inso Florida, a division of Inso Corporation. Mr. Seiler is a cofounder of LEVEL\5. LEVEL\5 was a three person startup, internally funded, before acquisition by Information Builders in 1987. In the role of President of LEVEL\5, Mr. Seiler implemented the strategic realignment of the corporate direction to Internet-targeted markets and data-centric intelligent software solutions. Mr. Seiler directed the company turnaround to a profitable 35% annual growth path. Mr. Seiler orchestrated the subsequent divestiture of LEVEL\5 by Information Builders and the acquisition by Inso in April of 1997, to facilitate the leveraging of the new award winning LEVEL\5 Quest database search product line into Inso?s text search technology base.

In a previous role of Vice President of Development, Mr. Seiler was the chief architecture and development lead for the INSIGHT, LEVEL\5 Object, SmartMode, SiteAnalyzer, and Quest product families. INSIGHT Knowledge System was the first expert system development tool available on IBM PC?s.

Prior to LEVEL\5, Mr. Seiler designed and developed automated computer-based nuclear power plant control room user interfaces, real-time data acquisition, and historical logging systems. Mr. Seiler founded and managed the initial R&D group at Scientific Systems Services.

At Kennedy Space Center, Space Shuttle Operations, Mr. Seiler was a systems engineer in Firing Room #1 for Space Shuttle launches.

Expertise: Data Mining, Inference Engines/Expert Systems, Human Factors Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Process Monitoring and Control Systems, Intelligent Agents, Middle-ware, Internet/Intranet, Object Oriented Programming and Methodologies.

Education: University of Florida, Degrees in Anthropology, Psychology

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