Infomation on Attending
Camps Alpha and Beta in Computer Science

  1. If you haven't mailed in your completed and signed waiver forms, please bring them on the first day. The forms are linked from your confirmation email after registration or they are available here.
  2. For Camp Beta students, please bring a notebook and a pencil/pen.
  3. The room might be chilly for some, a sweatshirt might be useful.
  4. An umbrella would also be useful--afternoon showers are not uncommon.
  5. Lunch is included (at Panther Dining Hall). However, bring lunch if the student has a special diet. The dining hall has a large variety of food (from vegetables to pizza) which should be fine for most students.
  6. 7/21: Room Change for Camp Beta (July 24-28) because of computer issues.
    Camp Beta will be in Olin Engineering Complex 127:
  7. Please drop off and pick up your student at the camp to sign him/her in/out. Each camp meets Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.
  8. For Camp Alpha, demonstration of final projects is on Friday, 1:30-3pm, in Olin Life Sciences 130 (Legend 35 on the printable map, or search for "Olin Life Sciences" on the interactive map), friends and family are welcome.

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