NASA Shuttle Valve Data

The time series data are solenoid current measurements on a Marotta MPV-41 series valve as the valve is cycled on and off under various test conditions in a laboratory. The valves are used to control fuel flow on the Space Shuttle.

Data in zip format. For a description, see README Data File Formats.doc in the zip file.

This dataset was generously donated by Bob Ferrell, Steven Santuro, and colleagues at the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). This project is supported by NASA (NAS10-02044).

To cite this dataset:
Ferrell, B & Santuro, S. (2005). NASA Shuttle Valve Data. .

For our experiments, we used the data in two of the directories:


The data in the files TEK00000.CSV through TEK00017.CSV in the directory Waveform Data/COL 1 Time COL 2 Current/. We used TEK00000 through TEK00003 as normal time series, and TEK00010 through TEK00017 as abnormal. The abnormal traces are due to various restrictions or forced movements of the valve poppet. The object of our tests is to distinguish normal from abnormal when trained on a subset of the normal traces. Each trace consists of 1000 samples at a rate of 1 ms per sample. The two columns are time and current. Only column 2 is used in our experiments. We did not use TEK00004 through TEK00009 because these have different sampling rates than the others.


The data is in the directory Waveform Data/Voltage Test 1/. Each file is a 2 second long trace sampled at 0.1 ms. There are two columns. The first is a current measurement with a shunt resistor, and the second is with a Hall effect sensor. The measurements are identical except the the first column is noisier and is scaled to a maximum value of 1. Therefore we ignore it and use only column 2. The files have names like:
  V37898 V20 T22 imp045 R01s.txt
which indicates valve serial number V37898 (always the same), 20 volts, case temperature 22C, poppet impedance of 45 mils, run 1. In our tests we consider the following to be normal:
V37898 V18 T21 R00s.txt
V37898 V20 T21 R00s.txt
V37898 V22 T21 R00s.txt
V37898 V24 T21 R00s.txt
V37898 V26 T21 R00s.txt
V37898 V28 T21 R00s.txt
V37898 V30 T21 R00s.txt
We train on a subset (V18, V22, V26, and V30) and test whether the remaining normal data have lower anomaly scores than those with outlier voltages (V14, V16, V32), high temperature (T69-T71) or poppet impedance (imp045, imp09).

Matt Mahoney and Phil Chan

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