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Research in the Department of Computer Sciences


Harris Institute for Assured Information

The Harris Institute for Assured Information was founded in 2009 by a grant from Harris Corporation. The goal of the Center is to develop highly advanced solutions that enhance global computer security. The Harris Institute also provides solutions for commercial and government applications, including banking and finance, retail, health care, civil, and education. Research is led by faculty from various departments including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business, Psychology, and the Sciences as well as representatives from Harris Corporation. The Harris Institute also collaborates with the Institute for Human Machine Cognition in Pensacola & Ocala Florida. Undergraduates and graduates are typically involved with research. Projects done by the Harris Institute include the Biologically-Inspired Tactical Security Infrastructure (BITSI), a spyware resistant virtual keyboard, Behavioral virus detection, and Network traffic generation.

Director: Richard Ford, Ph.D.

Center for Software Testing and Research

The mission of the Center of Software Testing and Research is to “create effective, grounded, timely materials to support the teaching and self-study of software testing, software reliability, and quality-related software metrics.” Active projects worked on by the Center include:

Director: Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.
General Information


BioComplex Laboratory

The Bio-Inspired Computing and Complex Networks group at Florida Tech focuses on the abstraction and modeling of real phenomena using techniques inspired in Biology and the use of theories from Network Sciences.

Leading Faculty:Ronaldo Menezes, Ph.D.

Students: Ben Collingsworth (Ph.D.), Priya Saha (Ph.D.), Srivdhya Venugopal (Ph.D.), Pramod Divakar (Ph.D.), Jigar Brahmbhatt (M.Sc.), Evan Stoner(B.Sc.), Charith Gunaratna (B.Sc.), Monali Patel (B.Sc.), Kesann Walrond-McClean (B.Sc.), Hilary Miller (B.Sc.), Jacob Dufault (B.Sc.), Christopher Roach (Associate Student)

Computer Vision Group

The Computer Vision Group at Florida Tech conducts research on computer vision, pattern recognition, and image and video processing. Our goal is to develop computational algorithms to help computers perform visual perception and recognition tasks. Ongoing research topics include human-motion recognition, image registration, and object recognition.

Leading Faculty: Eraldo Ribeiro, Ph.D.

Students: Wei Liu (Ph.D.), Dalwinderjeet Kular (Ph.D.), Mehdy Bohlol (Ph.D.), Jaroslav Hook (Ph.D.), Behzad Torkian (Ph.D.) Ioana Policeanu (Ph.D.), Weisi Ding (M.Sc.), Ron Roff (M.Sc.), Faisal BaDughaish (M.Sc.), Miles Walio (B.Sc.), Kimberly Day (B.Sc.), Michael Cambata (B.Sc.)

Laboratory for Learning Research

The Laboratory for Learning Research conducts studies on data mining and machine learning techniques geared toward adaptive systems and distributed computing. Current projects in the lab include Adaptive Intrusion Detection, Adaptive Shuttle Monitoring, Adaptive Personal Web, and Client-Server Generator.

Leading Faculty: Philip Chan, Ph.D.

Students: Kieber Garcia (M.Sc.)

Software Evolution Lab

The mission of the Software Evolution Lab (SEL) at Florida Tech is to advance the state-of-the-art practice of evolving complex software systems in a disciplined manner. The SEL's research includes legacy system reengineering, reverse engineering and program understanding, and software and software maintenance. Recent work done by the lab include SOA testing from a security perspective (SOAT), and software testing in the cloud (STITC).

Leading Faculty: Scott Tilley, Ph.D.

Students: Johnny Al Helou (M.Sc.), Tauhida Parveen (Ph.D.), Rene Stiegler (M.Se.)

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