10.5 The Runtime Environment

10.5.1 The Runtime Emulator

The sources may be used to built two versions of the emulator. By default, the development emulator is built. This emulator contains all features for interactive development of Prolog applications. If the system is configured using --enable-runtime, make(1) will create a runtime version of the emulator. This emulator is equivalent to the development version, except for the following features:

The following fragment is an example for building the runtime environment in \env{HOME}/lib/rt-pl-3.2.0. If possible, the shared-library interface should be configured to ensure it can serve a large number of applications.

% cd pl-3.2.0
% mkdir runtime
% cd runtime
% ../src/configure --enable-runtime --prefix=$HOME
% make
% make rt-install

The runtime directory contains the components listed below. This directory may be tar'ed and shipped with your application.

README.RT Info on the runtime environment
bin/<arch>/pl The emulator itself
man/pl.1 Manual page for pl
swipl pointer to the home directory (.)
lib/ directory for shared libraries
lib/<arch>/ machine-specific shared libraries