A The SWI-Prolog library

This chapter documents the SWI-Prolog library. As SWI-Prolog provides auto-loading, there is little difference between library predicates and built-in predicates. Part of the library is therefore documented in the rest of the manual. Library predicates differ from built-in predicates in the following ways.

The documentation of the library is just started. Material from the standard packages should be moved here, some material from other parts of the manual should be moved too and various libraries are not documented at all.

Section Index

A.1 aggregate.pl -- Aggregation operators on backtrackable predicates
A.1.1 Acknowledgements
A.2 apply.pl -- Apply predicates on a list
A.3 library( assoc ): Association lists
A.4 library( broadcast ): Broadcast and receive event notifications
A.5 library( check ): Elementary completeness checks
A.6 library( clp/clp_distinct ): Weak arc consistent `all_distinct' constraint
A.6.1 Example 1
A.6.2 Example 2
A.6.3 Example 3
A.7 clpfd.pl -- Constraint Logic Programming over Finite Domains
A.8 library( clpqr ): Constraint Logic Programming over Rationals and Reals
A.8.1 Solver predicates
A.8.2 Syntax of the predicate arguments
A.8.3 Use of unification
A.8.4 Non-linear constraints
A.9 library( debug ): Some reusable code to help debugging applications
A.10 library( gensym ): Generate unique identifiers
A.11 library( lists ): List Manipulation
A.11.1 Set Manipulation
A.12 library( nbset ): Non-backtrackable set
A.13 library( www_browser ): Activating your Web-browser
A.14 option.pl -- Option list processing
A.15 library( ordsets ): Ordered Set Manipulation
A.16 pairs.pl -- Operations on key-value lists
A.17 library( pio ): Pure I/O
A.17.1 pure_input.pl -- Pure Input from files
A.18 library( prologxref ): Cross-reference data collection library
A.18.1 Extending the library
A.19 library( readutil ): Reading lines, streams and files
A.20 library( record ): Access named fields in a term
A.21 library( registry ): Manipulating the Windows registry
A.22 library( simplex ): Solve linear programming problems
A.22.1 Example 1
A.22.2 Example 2
A.22.3 Example 3
A.23 library( ugraphs ): Unweighted Graphs
A.24 url.pl -- Analysing and constructing URL