CSE 5840 Advanced Topics in Distributed Computing

Advances in the World Wide Web

Spring 2000

Phil Chan
242 Engineering Complex, 674-7280
Office Hours: MW 1-2:30pm; T 4-5pm (or by appointment)
Course WWW Page: http://www.cs.fit.edu/~pkc/classes/web/

This course studies recent research in the World Wide Web. Topics are mostly selected by students and might include languages, protocols, searching, indexing, caching, pre-fetching, user modeling, security, multimedia, user interfaces, electronic commerce, agents, and servers. Research papers are discussed and a research project is required.

The goal of the class is to study current state-of-the-art WWW-related techniques, devise new and improved techniques, implement them, and evaluate them. The class is structured such that you can make progress toward a quality research paper that can be submitted for publication. The research performed for the class could also be a starting point for MS and PhD theses.

Class discussions involve discussing assigned papers and brainstroming ideas for research projects.

Tentative Course Schedule

The critical survey paper helps you gain a broader and deeper understanding of the latest techniques and identify their weaknesses and strengths. The preliminary proposal gets you started in identifying a research project and enunciating the proposed new and improved techniques. The proposal describes the project in further detail and contains initial progress/results in support of the project's feasibility. The series of drafts leads to a possible conference submission and final version of the research paper.

Date Week Due
Every class Summary of an article (Reading Schedule)
Feb 14 (Mon) 6 Critical Survey Paper (> 1500 words)
Feb 21 (Mon) 7 Preliminary Research Proposal (one page)
Feb 28 (Mon) 8 Research Proposal (> 2 pages)
Mar 6-10 Spring Break
Mar 22 (Wed) 10 First draft of the paper (> 1000 words)
Apr 12 (Wed) 13 Second draft of the paper (> 2000 words)
May 1 (Mon) 16 (Finals) Paper and presentation



Philip Chan, pkc@cs.fit.edu