Ryan Stansifer
Professor Emeritus
EE and Computer Science
Florida Institute of Technology
150 West University Boulevard
Melbourne, Florida 32901-6975


Students are welcome to send e-mail to me with questions or problems. Former students are also encouraged to send e-mail to me, and let me know what they are doing.

Professional interests

The areas of Computer Science I'm most interested in are the following:

more specifically:

Ph.D Students


Sundry papers of mine in gzipped, PostScript format:

Stansifer, Ryan.
The Study of Programming Languages.
Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN: 0-13-726936-6
book cover


In fact, I do not think that the search for high-level programming languages that are more and more satisfactory from a logical point of view can stop short of anything but a language in which (constructive) mathematics can be adequately expressed.

Per Martin-Löf

I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone. My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone.

Bjarne Stroustrup

Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell, Principia Mathematica, volume 3, second edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, 1927, page 91.

Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege, Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, volume 2, H. Pohle, Jena, 1903, end of section 143 "Aufbau," page 178.