Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare computing professionals for success and leadership in the conception, design, implementation, and operation of complex real-world systems, and to expand knowledge and understanding of computing through research, scholarship, and service.

We intend to continually improve our integrated academic programs, the goals of which are:

Although not a collaborator of the CDIO Initiative, we subscribe to their principles.

Quality Enhancement Plan


To partially satisfy our mission and meet our goals, we have formulated an educational plan that contains several parts:

Research and Scholarship

To partially satisfy our mission and meet our goals, we have formulated a research plan that contains several parts:

Enrollment and Graduation Data

Annual student enrollment and graduation data for the B.S. in Computer Science/B.S. in Software Engineering programs is provided by Florida Tech's Office of Institutional Research.

The Department's Constituents

We recognize the following groups as stake-holders, or constituents, in the success and development of the department and its educational and research programs.

  1. Students enrolled in our various degree programs;
  2. Students who have graduated from our degree programs;
  3. Employers of our current and former students;

We seek to serve these constituents and rely on them for guidance in determining and evaluating our objectives and outcomes.