Pattern Recognition for Biomedical Imaging

CSE 5780 / BME 5259
Florida Institute of Technology
Instructor: Debasis Mitra

Department: Computer Sciences


Human health care is gradually becoming more and more dependent on non-invasive imaging techniques. The sciences and technology of medical imaging is a target of intense interdisciplinary research. We will study some of the basic Engineering and Computing techniques in this course. It is primarily a project driven course.

The CSE5780 Syllabus

Catalog Description: Introduces the fundamentals of statistical pattern recognition with examples from different biomedical application areas. Studies techniques for analyzing multidimensional data of various types and scales. Also covers algorithms for projec­tions, and clustering and classification of data.

Text book site at the publisher
Textbook erata


Tracking related Conferences

Paper of Bruyant 2002, and ECT point-reponse Paper of Gullberg 1991,
a slide-set explaining MLEM procedure

Short tutorial on MRI:

Spect hardware
A talk at the CS Seminar Sept, 2014
A medical imaging course from Univ. Michigan
An online book.
Mathworks on wavelet toolbox:
A short article on basics of compressed sensing .
B-spline definition from the Wavelet Analysis book.
The course have mostly student presentations and discussion, along with assignments & projects. We go over some chapters from the text for basic knowledge on the medical imaging area. We do some research level works & explore some tools in the area.

For text-material presentations: (1) Send me slide before the class, (2) cite your sources on relevant slides, and (3) present some solved chapter-end problems.
For project presentations: (1) Demos are expected when relevant, (2) it should be a progress report mostly, (3) need not be formal presentation, but .ppt is better.
Fall 2012:

Class: Crawford 404, 8-9:15 pm Monday-Wednesday (we may try later to decide on meeting for one day extended time meeting - Wednesday or Tuesday)

Plan/activities for the semester - will be continuously updated.

Quiz 4 on Bruyant paper due Nov 5, M, in class.

Ehsan and Guy's project presentation on Wavelet analysis of Emission sinogram
Shi and Hui's project presentation on regularization analysis with conjugate gradient recon
Ryan, Kyle and Krystal's project presentation on SPECT dynamic imaging
Danielle and Daphne's project presentation on ITK-SNAP
Krystal and Hui's presentation on PACS

Ch 1-2-3,
also slides for Signal-Systems by Marcus.
Hui and Shi: Ch8, and Ch 9.
and Bruyant paper, with appendices.
Daphne and Danielle: Ch 4, and Ch 5.
Guy and Ehsan: on CT Ch 6.
Ryan, Kyle and Krystal: on Ultrasound imaging, Chs 10-11 .
Mohit and Rajan: on MRI Physics Ch 12 .
Shi and Hui: on MRI Imaging Ch 13 .

Quiz 1, Quiz 3

Papers on ITK-SNAP: MICCAI-2005, NeuroImage-2006.
Mahmoud's talk on dynamic imaging

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Spring 2010:

Class: Crawford 401 (for first meet), 8-10 pm Tuesday.

Plan/activities for the semester - is being continuously updated!

Comments on students' presentations

Antall & Mahmoud's part


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