Formal Languages and Automata Theory

CSE 4083/5210
Florida Institute of Technology
Instructor: Debasis Mitra

Department: Computer Sciences

The syllabus is here.

Peter Lintz's Text Book, see syllabus, however Aho-Hopcroft-Ullman is strongly referred, typically text is needed primarily for exercises, class lecture slides are good

Florida Tech Student Handbook on Cheating and Paligiarism:

The following lecture notes are primarily developed by Dr. Phil Bernhard, further edited by me.
The course expects discrete mathematics and data structures background. Read also the following materials. Induction, Relations, Countability, Diagonalization.
Finite Automata.
Regular Experssions.
Properties of Regular languages.
Context Free languages, pdf.
Pumping Lemma and other properties of CFL, pdf.
Non-context free language (ignore case 3 in this document)
Pushdown Automata, pdf.
Turing Machines, pdf.

============== Spring 2016 =============
CSE 4081: MW 8-9:15 AM, Crawford 112
CSE 5210: MW 5-6:15pm, Olin Life Sc. 130

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when : Tue, 12pm 2pm

Continuously updated schedule of Grad: CSE 5210 ,
and of UG: CSE 4083 for Spring 2016.

Probabilstic Automata, and Probabilstic Automata-2 tutorial papers.

Quiz 0 on background
Key to the Final exam

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and CSE 5210

=========== PREVIOUS SEMESTERS ============
---------------- Spring 2015
CSE 4081: MW 5-6:15 pm, Crawford 210
CSE 5210: MW 8-9:15pm, Olin Life Sc. 130

Continuously updated schedule of Grad: CSE 5210 ,
and of UG: CSE 4083 for Spring 2015.

Grade xls spreadsheets, CSE 4083,
and CSE 5210.
---------------- Spring 2014
CLASS: Olin Engg. Bldg. Room 137, MW 5-6:15pm
I apologize to all students who were interested but could not register as the class got closed. It has become too large a class for me to handle any additional students. Hope you register early next time!

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---------------- Spring 2013:
CLASS: Crawford Bldg. Room 404, MW 5-6:15pm

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